lundi 27 août 2012

Norman Mailer, BARBARY SHORE, New York, Vintage, 1997, [1951], 312 pages.

It was a big house and gave the impression of being an empty house. Downstairs there were ten names arranged in ten brackets next tom as many bells which did not ring, but a week could bo by and I would pass no one upon the stairs. I hardly cared. In the last months I had come to know fewer and fewer people, and by the time I quit the dormitory, for better or for worse I was very much alone. At first this did not matter. I began my novel, and for a few days, completely isolated, I made progress. Since I could assume that a sixable portion of my life had been spent in one barracks or another, a room for myself was more than a luxury. Temporarily I felt free and rather happy.

p. 19

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