lundi 7 novembre 2011

Fanny Fern, RUTH HALL, New York, Mason Brothers, 1855, 400 pages.

Scratch—scratch—scratch, went Ruth’s pen; the dim lamp flickering in the night breeze, while the deep breathing of the little sleepers was the watchword, on! to her throbbing brow and weary fingers.  One  o’clock—two o’clock—three o’clock—the lamp burns low in the socket.  Ruth lays down her pen, and pushing back the hair from her forehead, leans faint and exhausted against the window-sill, that the cool night-air may fan her heated temples.  How impressive the stillness!  Ruth can almost hear her own heart beat.  She looks upward, and the watchful stars seem to her like the eyes of gentle friends.  No, God would not
forsake her!  A sweet peace steals into her troubled heart, and the overtasked lids droop heavily over the weary eyes.
Ruth sleeps.
(p. 241)

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