lundi 10 octobre 2011

Linda Huf, APORTRAIT OF THE ARTIST AS A YOUNG WOMAN, New York, Frederick Ungar Publishing Co., 1983, 196 pages.

One the other hand, a few critics praised Fanny Fern just because she had diregarded her womanly discretion. One of them was Nathaniel Hawthorne, who, after shuddering at other "ink-stained Amazons" whose petticoats waved too "triumphantly over all the field" of popular literature, defende Fanny for daring to be true to herself as a woman. In a letter to his editor, he exempted the scrappy author of the scurrilous Ruth Hall from his recent denouncement of the "d----d mob of scribbling women" whose soppt stories were outselling his own.
(p. 18-19)

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