mardi 4 octobre 2011

Herman Melville, PIERRE; OR THE AMBIGUITIES, dans PIERRE, ISRAEL POTTER, THE CONFIDENCE-MAN, TALES & BILLY BUDD, New York, Library of America, 1984, 1478 pages.

For not only was it the signal misery of Pierre, to be invisibly - though but accidentaly - goaded, in the hour of mental immaturity, to the attempt at a mature work, - a circumstance sufficiently lamentable in itself; but also, in the hour of his clamorous pennilessness, he was additionally goaded into an enterprise long and protracted in the execution, and of all things least calculated for pecuniary profit in the end. How these things were so, whence they originated, might be thoroughly and very beneficially explained; but space and time here forbid.
(p. 392)

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