mercredi 1 septembre 2010

John Updike, THE COMPLETE HENRY BECH, New York, Everyman's Library, 2001 [1970] [1982] [1998] [1999]

Bech managed about sixty handwritten pages, dealing mostly with Olive's education at a Southern girl's college where the stench of horse manure incongruoulsy swept through the curried green campus and the idyllic vista of young women of good family striding to class in smart skirts and high heels. But when it came time in the novel to bring her to that capital of ruined innocence, New York City, he was at a loss for what professional field he would mire her in. The only one he knew first-hand, that of publishing, inspired great distate in our author when encountered in published fiction: he did not like much involution, whether met in Escher prints, iris petals, or the romantic theme of incest.
(BECH IS BACK, "Bech Wed", p. 238)

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