mercredi 14 juillet 2010

John Irving, THE WORLD ACCORDING TO GARP, Ballantine Books, New York, 1998 [1978]

It was, of course, never a popular book, and it hardly made T. S. Garp into a brand name; it would not make him "the household product" - as he called her - that his mother had become. But it was not that kind of book; he was not that kind of writer, and never would be, John Wolf told him.
"What do you expect?" John Wolf wrote him. "If you want to be rich and famous, get in another line. If you're serious about it, don't bitch. You wrote a serious book, it was published seriously. If you want to make a living off it, you're talking about another world. And remember: you're twenty-four years old. I think you'll write a lot more books."
John Wolf was an honorable and intelligent man, but Garp wasn't sure - and he wasn't content.
(p. 195-196)

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