mardi 6 juillet 2010

Cathy N. Davidson, REVOLUTION AND THE WORD; THE RISE OF THE NOVEL IN AMERICA, Oxford University Press, New York, 2004 [1986]

If subversion doesn't work as a category of analysis, neither does sophistry. If subversion has shortcomings as an action plan, it beats apathy. In some ways, I admit that I still value the affective role that words such as "subversion" and "opposition" perform since they insistently evoke a different tradition from the one of compromise and moderation that I have adressed earlier in this introduction and that, as I have emphasized, contribute to a complacent national history. For all the inherent theoretical contradictions and flaws in parsing out dissident elements of a culture whose ultimate shape has to be some articulation of all its elements, including the dissident, there is a power to resistance that I'm not prepared to give away. Like faith or even faith healing, oppositionality may well have a placebo effect. Yet who's to argue with the result if a placebo enacts productive and positive change?
(p. 27)

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