mardi 22 juin 2010

Budd Schulberg, THE DISENCHANTED, Random House, New York, 1950

"Maybe that's the problem with you American writers, you think of yourselves as athletic stars."
"I always had a crazy ambition to be a backfield star - I'll never know why," he confessed. "To break out in the open with one of those dazzling exhibitions like Red Grange or Chris Cagle."
"I think you're the second author I know who wanted to be a football player. And two others who are frustrated pitchers and would-be Jimmy McLarnin. In Europe the authors would like to have been composers or painters or mathematicians."
"We're a more muscular race. And I suppose since writers are fairly sensitive registers of national consciousness, they naturally reflect the hero-worship of their times. After all who else had any grandeur in American life except a Ruth, a Dempsey or a Bobby Jones?"
"You go home and start your novel and leave the touchdowns to Orv Molher," she said.
(p. 281)

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