mardi 22 juin 2010

Budd Schulberg, THE DISENCHANTED, Random House, New York, 1950

He even formalized it by drawing up a Declaration of Personal Independence, forcing himself for the first time to answer the artist's catechism: What is my motive in writing this book? Money? Fame? Social pressure? Moral influence? Personal need...? He confessed to himself and Jere how much he had enjoyed the wealth and popularity his books had brought. It had taken fire, infidelity, near-suicide to destroy the dragons of Success. Thank God, it isn't too late, he told Jere. Before I compose another book I will learn to compose myself. Out of his twenties at last, with his century itself facing its Thirties, there was no more time for literary catch-as-catch-can.
(p. 245-246)

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